Top 5 Online Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions to Look Out For

Online Casino

When you enter any promotional offer at any online gambling site, whether it is a poker site, sports book or online casino, players should read the small print so they are clear about how special offer actually works.

Number one:

Everything is clearly explained in the Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s) regarding all promotions. A player should thoroughly read through these and if they are unsure about any of the information, they should contact the customer support. Failing to fully understand the T’s & C’s could result in disappointment. If the support is either less than willing to help you or don’t explain things clearly, you should try your luck elsewhere and leave this casino alone.

Number two:

As soon as you register a real cash account with an online casino for the first time, the chances are that you will have some kind of welcome matching deposit bonus or a free cash gift just for signing up with them. Sometimes, this special offer is only valid for a certain amount of time and can actually expire before you get the chance to use it. Read the small print to see exactly how long you have to use the special offer, otherwise when you go to take advantage of it, it may have already expired.

Number three:

In addition to the welcome matching deposit bonus or free cash gift, some casinos have started giving players free casino chips (up to a pre-determined value) and allow them to play for an hour. Any winnings that these players acquire throughout this hour they are allowed to keep, but there are a few annoying catches with this special offer. You will have to wager ‘X’ amount (generally a minimum of 500 times the original amount) before you are eligible to collect any winnings, and it’s not guaranteed you will win. This is all clearly written in the T’s & C’s but is one of those annoying “you should have read the small print” moments. Very few people actually cash-in from this special offer. The best deals are the matching deposit bonuses.

Number Four:

Players hoping to receive a ‘top-up’ bonus or ‘reload’ bonus will have to deposit the required amount. You may deposit $/£/€10, when in fact to receive the ‘reload’ bonus, the minimum amount is $/£/€20 or more. Again, read the small print to make sure that you benefit from these promotional offers.

Number Five:

Refer a friend. Don’t just tell your friend which website you like playing at in the hope that they will take your word that it was on your advice they signed up. There are certain procedures that you need to follow for you and your friend to receive your cash rewards. Check out the full T’s & C’s because you may have ten friends or more that you want to invite/refer and you certainly don’t want to be missing out on that sort of bonus cash just because you didn’t read the correct terms.