How to deal with non-paying online casinos

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The fortunate thing for players is that most online casinos will payout without fail and usually within a maximum of 48hrs. The time taken to withdraw funds may vary from one online casino to the next and this could also depend on how much you are trying to withdraw.

If you are just trying to withdraw £20, in many cases this can be instant, or within a couple of hours. If you have a substantial jackpot win of £5,000 or more, this could take longer to withdraw. Most large wins will need to be verified by the casino before they are paid out, so you may experience a slight delay on larger wins. Don’t panic because the funds are taking longer to arrive.

The unfortunate thing for players is that there are a growing number of rogue casinos out there who have not been paying out winnings to their players. You may have already spent hundreds in the casino and finally hit a big win only to realize that they are not paying you when you proceed to withdraw.

If you are trying to withdraw but are experiencing problems, this could be a sign that they have no intention of paying you are you are being scammed. Even contacting the customer support will be fruitless as they tend to avoid the subject and don’t really want to deal with the issue. This is when you know that you are dealing with a rogue casino.

More often than not, there will be no way of being able to receive your winnings. Players are then left in a state of limbo and because the casino is either not licensed or regulated by any kind of reputable industry organization. This means that the player has nobody to approach to argue their case. This is why we try our hardest to locate and expose the rogue casinos.

Reputable online casinos will always be fully licensed and quite often eCOGRA approved meaning that should a player have a dispute; they will more than likely get their issue resolved. Players basically have a safety net with the reputable online casinos should the non-payment issue arise.

You won’t have a safety net with a rogue casino so the advice remains to always make sure that the online casino that you are registered with are in fact a legitimate organization. In some rare cases, these ruthless operators have even been known to include the certain recognized stamps and seals of approvals (logos) from trusted industry auditors and regulators when in fact they are not recognized by them. They use the logos to mislead players.

If a player is ever in doubt, they should always contact the licensing company to see that the casino is in fact licensed in that jurisdiction. If a casino is unlicensed, players will basically have zero chance of being able to resolve a dispute. We have a list of various rogue online casinos that have surfaced on out radar. Players should always use this list to refer to, especially if you have any doubts about the integrity of any online casino or if something has aroused your suspicion.