Which Online Casino Has Comp Points worth Collecting and Why?

Casino Point Loyalty

Most of today’s online casinos have some form of loyalty scheme. It is actually quite uncommon to find one that doesn’t have a loyalty program or VIP scheme of some sort.

The main aim of these programs is to encourage players to carry on spending money and playing at their casino on a regular basis. They promise to then reward these loyal players for their efforts. The more frequently someone plays (in real cash mode) at a casino, the more points he or she will earn and therefore climb the ranks. These points can be referred to as comp points, loyalty points or frequent player points (FPP).

There are usually different levels or ‘tiers’ to each loyalty scheme ranging from between three to eight different levels. Each tier will come with its own special rewards and perks that a player can benefit from. Many casinos give the player the first level of loyalty complimentary, but others will make them work for their position within the ranks

The loyalty programs can in fact be quite lucrative. Players can benefit from several different perks such as having an individual accounts manager and being offered exclusive special offers. There may also be a bespoke service plus higher withdrawal limits, invitations to special events and tournament, plus as a player advances through the ranks, the special offers will continue to improve. Once you have reached a new VIP or loyalty level, you will instantly be eligible for the better offers, but this transition may not happen overnight. Sometimes players have to wait until the start of a new calendar month to receive their new level of status.

If the requirements seem unrealistic then players should simply avoid trying for them, but if it is the casino loyalty program that a player is looking for, there are always plenty out there to suit each player.

In general, loyalty points are a good idea, which originally stemmed from land-based casinos. The idea has found naturally its place in most online casinos and is there to give players something extra to play for. The players who tend to play every day are more likely to benefit from a casinos loyalty scheme. The best casinos value their customer’s dedications and therefore see it as a way of re-paying their customers for their continued support. Once the player has reached a certain amount of comp points, he or she will be able to redeem them for cash. This can be done via the cashier section or by contacting the support.

Each casino will vary but when it comes to how much each point is worth. 1000 points may be worth $1.00 in many casinos, but in other casinos the same amount of points could be worth $10.00. Also, depending on which game you prefer playing on will determine how many points you can earn, again this will vary as you go from one casino to another.