The Real Reason Why Online Gambling Was Banned

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Gambling online is the same as gambling in real life, but for many organizations the worrying thing is that the internet now meant that anyone could have a flutter at any time of the day. This could breed a new generation of addicts and possibly lead people towards the dark side of gambling, which can result in the destruction of families. But don’t be mistaken, this is not why gambling was banned.

People can argue their case why online gambling was banned in the first place and most of these reasons (whether social or political) will hold a valid point. The bottom line is that the reason gambling was banned in the first place was NOT due to social or ethical reasons as much as we would like to believe.

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We mustn’t forget that this is a multi-billion-dollar industry and whatever laws the governments may put into place to try and halt gambling activity, operators and individuals will always find a way around them. The bottom line is that there is no stopping gambling in any way shape or form, but it can be regulated.

Many operators chose to set up their online business from a jurisdiction that does allow online gambling and then simply aim their trade towards the US market. They are breaking the US law, but they cannot be prosecuted (unless they travel to the US) because they are legally operating within local laws.

In previous years, people were not so interested in gambling because they had to either travel a long way to the nearest betting shop to place a bet, or there were simply no casinos in the local area for them to visit. There was less temptation for people to head to a gambling venue so for most people, the thought of having a flutter had never really occurred.

The gambling world (of mainly licensed land based casinos and lotto stores), which are taxed and regulated by government bodies was running smoothly, but online gambling was a different story.

Since the the introduction of online gambling portals, it became easy for users to place a bet with just a few clicks of the button and therefore the temptation is now always there. A large percentage of people love to gamble and many of these don’t know when to stop, which is why certain controls must be in place.

The recent changes in legislation has proven that the original banning of the online gambling industry (which is soon to be a regulated industry) was clearly not due to moral issues, it is was part of a bigger picture and that bigger picture was the government making money from online gambling. Gambling was banned so that the government could buy time to figure out a way of regulating and taxing the industry properly.

Instead of the flow of billions of dollars from hardworking US citizens going to offshore companies, the government had to implement changes so that this money was staying in the US and not being syphoned offshore.

How much longer could all of this money be filtered out of the country in the current economic climate? There is simply too much money to be made from this highly profitable industry, it would be unthinkable that the US government to not want to cash-in from this lucrative industry. The government are the new house, and the house ALWAYS wins.