Is Rival Casinos going to fall over and die?

Rival Casinos

In online terms, Rival Casinos haven’t been around for a great length of time. They first launched in 2006. They provided a unique approach to how online casinos were to operate and little did they know they there would be tough times ahead, many tough times.

The company are very resilient, but there is only so much a company can take before they admit defeat and cannot take any more blows.

The introduction of the highly innovative i-Slots looked to be a huge success but the idea came at just the wrong time. The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIEGA) was passed and threatened the entire operations of online gambling in the US, including Rival Casinos.

Cracks then started to appear when in 2008, T2, a marketing company whom Rival had entered into a marketing agreement with claimed that Rival’s four owners had breached this agreement, which the lead to a lawsuit and they incurred a huge payout of approximately C$500,000 to T2 Marketing.

Another blow came in 2009 when Canadian players were banned from all Rival Casinos due to this court case. Rival were at the time supplying their services to players from across the globe and continued to dare where other companies wouldn’t and supplied their services to US players, but how long would they be able to carry on doing this.

They continued to launch casinos, despite the location bans and they showed steady growth as a company. But as more Rival Casinos opened, further cracks started to appear and this time there were reports of problems with payments being processed. This was on a global scale, not just with US-based players. A poor standard of customer services was linked to the company and there was also a problem with players not receiving their bonuses.

It seems as though Rival had bitten off more than it could chew and the problems that they were facing facilitated additional negative issues. Many players were reporting various problems at Rival Casinos, and bad words travel fast.

2010 saw serious problems arise for them, as ‘rogue’ Rival Casinos began surfacing on radars. Players were not getting paid and money was simply being stolen from them. These casinos had even altered their terms and conditions so players basically had no chance. Only white label Rival Casino players are protected from rouge operations or blatant scams.

In short, most companies that have experienced the kinds of problems that Rival Casinos have experienced would simply keel over and die. As mentioned, they are very resilient but saying that they would not bounce back or be prepared for whatever 2012/13 holds for them would be quite naïve.

The company are huge in the virtual world of casinos and they manage to fight back from every problem they encounter. The future doesn’t look certain, but if anyone is likely to survive, Rival Casinos appear to be the toughest and most adaptable. Maybe lady luck will turn in their favor and give them a break for a change.